Fox talisman - cultivating self belief

Fox art drawing pyrography log slice


People are often surprised by my admiration of foxes. As a poultry keeper with free range birds there's always a risk of a fox spotting an easy meal. The danger times are generally in summer when there's crop cover and foxes have cubs to feed, so I'm always on alert when the birds are out during those times. Crows and magpies are my allies because they will often spot a fox coming into their territory and have a distinct call which I've learned to recognise and act on.

Foxes are intelligent and quick witted animals, they are born survivors who aren't afraid to take on challenge. Fox is an energy I try to channel and work with when I'm feeling low in self assurance. 

Cultivating self belief, raising our self esteem, helps us to be happier and more secure. Security is a fundamental human need but it's something that is constantly undermined by our society. The majority of advertising, and a large amount of social media, has the subtle undercurrent telling you you're not good enough. That feeling is used to sell us things we often don't need, and people also use those techniques to feel better about themselves by seemingly being more than others.

Social media can be a battleground of competition of who is better looking and has a better life than everyone else. To the point of outright lying where photos and posts are manipulated to create an illusion. Whether you're consciously aware of it or not your subconscious is always listening. The subconscious often fuels that critical voice in your head, so be careful what you feed it.

Something I've found important in helping my self belief is to surround myself with people who believe in me and see the good in me. Something I've noticed is if you're less self assured you can unwittingly get a lot of game players, often insecure themselves, who like to score points by putting you down. Very often it's done subtly but if you come away feeling less than good about yourself it should sound alarm bells.

An important thing I ask myself with friends, social media, and other things I have voluntarily in my life is: is this supporting my wellbeing? Good friends, good things, inspire and uplift you. You become better than you would on your own.

Another thing I've found useful in cultivating my self assurance is taking on challenges. I engage in healthy forms of competition in sport, and I like to take on challenges that I know will push me out of my comfort zone. Successively pushing yourself that bit further helps you know yourself better, and by going through it you gradually build confidence you can cope with things.

Fox is the magician of the hedgerow, he knows he can cope with what life throws at him. He's willing to take on challenges and he can rely on himself. You are stronger and can do more than you think, you are good enough.

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