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Ohuhu Dual Tip Waterbased Art Marker Review

  I recently got the 160 set of the Ohuhu waterbased art markers with a brush tip and fineliner. Mine came in a sturdy black carry case, which to be honest if it had a brand name like Derwent on it would be sold empty for at least £30, and I paid £35 for it complete with pens. The first thing I noticed while doing the swatch cards is that the brush nibs do not feel consistent across the colours. Some are much softer than others, and one pen already had a frayed tip before I'd even used it. The set does come with some replacement tips. The colours are numbered but in a very random way that doesn't make sense. After trying the pens on various types of paper I noticed the colour intensity was stronger on some papers than others. The colour was strongest on cold pressed watercolour paper, and also the cartridge type paper Ohuhu provides for the swatch card. The colours were a bit lighter on Canson Imagine mixed media paper.  This difference in intensity on different surfaces is som

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