Greater Spotted Woodpecker Painted Pebble


Greater Spotted Woodpecker portrait on a pebble with a tree and green background. The woodpecker looks like he's smiling.
This cheeky looking greater spotted woodpecker painted rock is one of the latest additions to my Etsy shop this week. He would make a great unusual gift for any bird lovers out there. I had a good model for this one since these woodpeckers visit my garden. I'm always amused by their antics, although less so when this one woke me up early one morning pecking the render off of the chimney! I think that's why he's smiling and looking quite cheeky in the painting.

My handpainted pebbles are created using Daler Rowney Cryla artists acrylic paints, they're my favourite brand and I've been using them for years. These pieces are collectable miniature pieces of art and you can display them or even use them as a unique paperweight. They're finished with satin varnish for protection and it also brings out a wonderful lustre to the paints.

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