Sparrowhawk miniature pebble painting

River pebble painted in shades of mottled green, like foliage, with a sparrowhawk head portrait painted on it.

 The latest in my series of miniature paintings on pebbles features a sparrowhawk. Each of these pebbles are unique and would make an ideal, and unusual, gift for anyone who loves birds of prey. It could be used as an ornament or even a desk paperweight.

I've had a lot of opportunities to observe these birds in my own garden. Although many birds of prey are naturally wary of humans I did have one visit that learned I was a good source of distraction each day when I came out to feed the hens. More than once she whizzed just above my head and shot into a bush. They really astound me with how quick and agile they are on the wing.

I use artists acrylics to paint these pebbles and they're sealed with satin varnish to protect them. This one is now available in my Etsy shop

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