Wren talisman - the power of the introvert

Wren art pyrography log slice

Wrens are a special bird to me, I have a tattoo of one, also with hawthorn. They're secretive little birds, often glimpsed between branches, or popping about in the eaves of outbuildings looking for insects. At first glance this little bird doesn't look like much, until it sings. They have a voice that carries the most beautiful song, for the wren may be small but it is mighty.

The world is geared to extraversion, sometimes it can appear that style often triumphs over any real substance or talent. As an introvert you can often feel out of place and that you're somehow wrong as a person. I certainly know from my own childhood introversion was something teachers wanted to cure me of, to make me better. Wouldn't it be great if we just accepted people the way they are?

Statistically introversion increases with IQ, the majority of gifted people are introverts. Introversion is linked to high levels of creativity and we have the ability to form deep and genuine connections with others. We don't thrive on superficiality as many do.

We don't get bored because we have so many interests, we know ourselves well, and we can sense situations and pick up more than average people can. And the most delicious thing of all, we have rich inner worlds. Something that can nourish and sustain us through the most difficult of times.

I've embraced my introversion now, I wouldn't want to be any other way, for like the wren I am small but mighty inside.

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