The Joy of Journalling


I was never really the dear diary type, even though I've always loved writing. My first try at a type of journalling was the artist's morning pages from Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, unfortunately it bought up such painful stuff from my childhood I wasn't in a place I knew how to deal with it. It opened Pandora's box of emotions I had to stuff the lid shut and sit on it because I didn't know how to process it all or have a framework to help myself.

Fast forward many years, and slightly wiser, and I now see the benefits of journalling. It's very beneficial just to get thoughts out of your head. There's something about the act of writing that helps to crystallise thoughts and feelings in a way leaving it in your head doesn't always allow. Leaving them circling in your mind can often lead to rumination, which can easily end up making things seem worse than they are. For creative people it's also a good way to park ideas or concepts to use at a later date.

If you can't think of anything to write there are lots of websites with journalling prompts you can use. Sometimes I use a tarot or oracle card to start things off: what does it make me feel, how do I see myself in it, what can it teach me. If I have a problem or something I want to change I find it helpful to break it down into chunks then work our how I can deal with each bit. We spend so much time running ourselves down it's also nice to write out what you think are your good points from time to time.

Journalling can be part of your daily practice. I like to light candles and incense in sacred space when I do mine, it makes it a special time. It's also nice to have lovely journals and pens to use. The ones in the picture are by Peter Pauper Press and they are beautiful books to use. One is my book of Shadows, the other is my journal. It's well worth making that bit of time and space for yourself, journalling often quite literally takes some weight off your mind.

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