My new studio assistant!


I have a new helper in my studio called Riley. He's a German Shepherd x Husky that I've adopted from a small animal rescue. I've had four previous German shepherd dogs but it's been a while since I lost my last one. She was my constant companion and for a long time afterwards I didn't feel I had enough to give to another dog. 

A lot of my time last year was spent on the bike but I want a better life balance and I missed the company of a dog. So I found Riley. I don't know a lot about his background, only that he was in kennels and was suffering from loneliness and lack of interaction. German Shepherd dogs are quite nosey, and need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, so I can imagine how hard it was for him.

He and I bonded quickly, he comes everywhere with me, and now has his own bed in my studio so he's there when I'm working. We have lovely walks out. I thought I was fit but it turns out Husky fit is a whole different level! I just adore him and hopefully we have many happy years together. 

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