New Owl Pyrography Wood Bookmarks


barn owl wooden bookmark created using woodburning

I've recently listed some new bookmarks in my Etsy shop featuring various owls that can be found in the British isles. Owls are my happy place, if ever I'm having a gloomy day, and even when I'm not, I draw them obsessively. I'm lucky enough to see barn owls fly around hunting along the ditch sides around my home.

little owl and oak leaf design created using pyrography on a wood bookmark with a gold tassel

I'm also lucky enough to have a little owl visit my garden. I mostly hear him, or her, but occasionally I get to see him perched on a fence post. They are amazing birds and I feel priviledged to have them around. They do drive my guinea fowl, Mr G, around the twist though. I'm sure they do fly-bys to annoy him so he won't go to bed!

tawny owl created using pyrography on a wood bookmark with a gold tassel

Tooty Hooty the asbo owl, who has been an infrequent visitor to my garden, is a tawny owl. I believe Tooty is a male, because they make the characteristic twit-twoo when they declare their territory. When he's in the garden I'm amazed how loud he is. All local owls definitely know he's about!

long eared owl created using woodburning on a wood bookmark

If ever I'm having a bad day I Google long eared owls. Their range of expressions is priceless. They go long and thin when they're startled and their ears, which are feathers not ears, make them look bigger.

short eared owl created using pyrography on a wood bookmark

All my bookmarks are unique little pieces of functional art. No two are ever quite the same because I sketch a brief idea directly onto the wood, then burn by hand using my Peter Childs and Antex pyrography machines. These aren't laser cut so the design can't be replicated many times. In all my work I'm interested in capturing character and I love the way they take on a life of their own.

These bookmarks would make an ideal gift for any nature, or owl, lovers out there, although if you buy one you may not want to part with it!

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